Alejandra Alonso Rojas

Madrid-born designer Alejandra Alonso Rojas learned her craft from the women on both sides of her family, a tradition enriched and passed down for generations. Informed by her Manhattan life and a plethora of archival photographs of her family in knitwear, Rojas launched a casual luxury brand around traditional and experimental handwork in 2016. 

To uphold sustainable practices, the designer crafts cashmere from recycled fibers to working solely with artisans of small-scale factories and ateliers. Rojas’s naturally dyed garments, all hand-finished in the United States, reveal a distinctive tactile quality, from rolled petals onto silks to a watercolor painting print inspired by her mother’s artwork. The designer often draws from her memories of the women in her family and a Spanish upbringing, infusing rich personal references to each collection. Each piece, for Rojas, is an investment item intended to be passed on.

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Alejandra Alonso Rojas

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