Childhood best friends Jessica Frandson and Jill King transformed their love of essential oils, luxury beauty oils, and perfume into the modern aromatherapy brand CAMPO. From creating the perfect relaxing atmosphere to treating your body to a boost of energy, aromatherapy has a powerful effect on our mood and sense of wellbeing. Smell is the most primitive of all our senses and it is linked to some of the oldest and deepest parts of the brain. As we breathe in the aromas of Campo’s essential oils through sleek diffusers (including one made for travel), it can trigger emotional and even physical responses, while also connecting us more deeply with ourselves. 
“I love how the CAMPO essential oil diffusers look, but even more than that, I love how easy it is to find the formula you need at any given moment. Energy for that moment in the day when you can’t; Immune when your defense system needs a boost; and Relax to ease stressors and anxiety.” - Jamie Rosen, Wellbeing Editor

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