Henry Rose

The term fragrance is often used as a catch-all for thousands of under-regulated ingredients. Michelle Pfeiffer, founder of Henry Rose, couldn’t imagine exposing her children to anything potentially toxic on her skin, so she gave up fragrance altogether. However, eventually she realized that if she wanted a safer, beautiful quality perfume, she would need to create it herself. It took years of working with the most stringent, high-quality labs, mixing and matching a very short list of safe ingredients. Finally, five distinct-feeling scents were created, each meant to evoke a personal memory, person, place or feeling. Real intrigue - the best kind of romance - comes when you have nothing to hide.
“Everything about these perfumes - from the names to the not-easily-categorizable scents - feels deeply personal. I’m particularly intrigued by the combination of vetiver and soft musk in Fog.” - Jamie Rosen, Wellbeing Editor

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