London’s Ilex Studio was founded in 2018 with a “grow it, don’t throw it” philosophy. Amy Hall and Ed Spark, the duo behind the brand, design products for urban dwellers, tree lovers, inquisitive children, and design enthusiasts looking to bring a bit of nature indoors. Ilex's minimalist glass vessels are designed to nurture and germinate Acorn and Avocado seeds to trees. They cradle the seed keeping it dry as it sprouts and encouraging the roots to flourish freely. The vessel allows the plant to thrive for up to a year while receiving essential nutrients from the seed. Once matured, the young Oak or Avocado tree can be replanted outside, and the dishwasher safe vase reused for a new seed. Ilex Studio is dedicated to addressing climate change in a simple and meaningful way by encouraging others to grow and plant trees.
"If every person were to plant one tree it would have a profound impact on our earth. Ilex Studio provides a thoughtful design object that does just that. Let's grow some trees."

- Demetri Kotenoglou, Living Editor

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