Katherine Jetter

Katherine Jetter

Jewelry designer and colored gemstone expert, Katherine Jetter launched her eponymous line over ten years ago and was quickly recognized and named Couture Designer of the Year in her debut year at the age of 26. As a Graduate Gemologist, her designs are often inspired by the gemstones themselves. Take her coveted cage collection; inspired by an 80 gram opal that sat on her desk for 6 months. Not wanting to alter its beauty or impale it with metal, Katherine found a way to encase the beautiful stone while showing it off from all angles.

In collaboration with Muzo, the cage collection features tumbled, natural emeralds. These glittering beauties, each one unique, are steeped in the millennial tradition of the emerald mines in Muzo.


"The fun and playful design of the cage pendant and earrings allows gemstones to be switched out and worn interchangeably by their owner, without altering the energy and structure of how Mother Nature created them. The natural, tumbled Muzo emeralds from Colombia, lend themselves perfectly to this design, and their beautiful glow of green can be seen from all angles through the cages." - Katherine Jetter

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