Made By Yoke

Made by Yoke is a holistic wellness brand committed to making sustainable self-care accessible to everyone through the power of Ayurveda. It was born from a desire to slow down, go within and connect to people and places that fill us up. The collection of aromatherapy roll-ons, perfume, body oils and candles is formed by founder Tamara Jones complementary work at the helm of an integrative wellness practice. Based in California, Yoke Holistic focuses on alternative and preventative healthcare built upon a proven blend of aromatherapy, ayurveda and herbalism to guide clients through sustainable, long-term wellness plans.


“Ayurvedic wellness can come in the form of perfume oils floating with jasmine and rose petals and high gloss gold candles.” - Jamie Rosen, Editor // Wellbeing 

Made By Yoke

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