Melissa Auberty

Melissa Auberty is an abstract painter and sculptor, largely known for her large blue horses, rendered in latex on handmade paper. The horses are life-size and have a wildly abstract, gestural quality. Auberty also works on canvas filled with large brushstrokes that evoke the love of her native Texas, where she grew up on horses, consumed by the feel of the natural world.

Auberty is also a sculptor, working in the classic style – lost wax method. Her bronzes are based on models, most of whom are dancers, and the pieces are worked in wax, kept rough and abstractly rendered, so that the artists’ hand is felt in the final forged sculpture. Each piece is a one of a kind original, polished and installed on an acrylic base.

“I do not seek to recreate what I see, but rather to generate an image that speaks a new language – one to which the viewer responds through a kind of sense memory.” - Melissa Auberty

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