Melyon, a Swedish skincare brand founded in Stockholm by Roger Dupé, aims to be an inclusive force in an exclusive industry.

The skincare line is made with people of colour in mind, focusing on conditions commonly found among darker skin tones while still being suitable for most skin types. With roots in West Africa, the Scandinavian lifestyle brand combines the best from nature and science, to create safe and ethical products with proven results. 

By telling authentic stories through a line of skincare developed for people who deviate from today's norms, Melyon aims to contribute to more progressive beauty standards; and in the long run work for a society where beauty is perceived through diversity.


"Straightforward and chic, this Swedish skin care line has a studied aesthetic that marries West African culture with Scandinavian minimalist design. The Milk Cleanser is an especially lovely way to start any skincare routine." - Jamie Rosen, Wellbeing Editor