Mr. Dog

Mr. Dog

Mr. Dog is a New York based design company headed up by Matthew Morris and John Mason. The brand was established with three key principles: work with the best possible materials available, build products that are beautiful with a sense of whimsy, durable and functional, and lastly create products that seamlessly complement the dog owner's home while meeting the needs of the pooch.

Mr. Dog offers a complete collection of smartly designed items for eating, drinking, playing, sleeping, lounging, and walking. The brand is committed to American-made manufacturing partnering with like-minded creative companies to produce much of their line. Whatever the size of your pet from teeny-tiny to near giant, Mr. Dog is a canine-first brand catering to all dog types (and their humans).


"Like all of our partners Mr. Dog offers something unique with a differentiated point of view. They design and produce an incredible array of canine products. My dream dog is named George and in my mind all he could ever need to live his best life comes straight from Mr. Dog." -Demetri Kotenoglou, Living Editor

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