Veronique Gabai

Olfactive objects and fragrances to last a lifetime. Beauty legend Veronique Gabai debuted her namesake brand to celebrate and connect to the natural beauty and rich history of the Cote d’Azur. “You have the sea in front of you, the mountains behind you. But there’s culture. So many artists—Picasso, Matisse, Ben, Yves Klein—that infused the region with meaning, sophistication, forward-thinking, this capturing of light. And then there’s lifestyle. And it’s pretty glamorous. But it’s more about the moment you live than the stuff you own.” Her expression of the area comes in the form of must-have beauty items like the Goldie Highlighter and Sunshine Face Oil, as well as a line of ethically-sourced fine fragrances. Each scent comes in full-size refillable bottles or slim gold travel vials (also refillable) and are built around a single flower or a mood from the South of France.
“Veronique is warm and real and so in touch with who she is and how she wants to express herself. This line feels like an extension of her sunny, multifaceted personality, in beautifully fragrant form.” - Jamie Rosen, Wellbeing Editor

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