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ITEM #806236 Byredo

Oud Immortel Eau De Parfum, 100ml


Byredo is a European luxury brand founded in Stockholm in 2006 by Ben Gorham, with an ambition to translate memories and emotions into products and experiences.

Oud Immortel is a woody, aromatic eau de parfum that opens with notes of limoncello, incense and cardamom. Oud possesses a great cultural significance because of its use in traditional incense and perfumes, and it is also mentioned in one of the world's oldest written texts - the Sanskrit Vedas from India. When the once light heartwood from the aquilaria tree becomes infected with a specific type of mold, it defends itself by saturating its core with a dark, highly fragrant resin. This dark wood oud holds a complex fragrance, resembling few or no other natural ingredients.

Top: Limoncello, incense, cardamom
Middle: Patchouli, papyrus, Brazilian rosewood
Base: Tobacco leaves, moss

  • Made in France
  • 100ml


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