Salle Privée

Salle Privée

SALLE PRIVÉE was founded in Amsterdam in 2018 by designer duo Anna Hegeman and Patrick Munsters. The couple’s personal aesthetic ideals combined with creativity, art, music, and architecture resulted in a new approach towards design and perfume. Its luxury fragrances elegantly infuse subtle design with a modern sensibility. Each has been made to evoke a certain mood, suit a specific occasion or even highlight one’s personality. Munsters has said, “We have nothing new. And having nothing new is very new in fashion.” This is about connecting with the spray that speaks to you, and brings a daily dose of pleasure and comfort from the moment you discover it down to the last drop.


“Classic is an overused term in fashion and beauty, but these fragrances really do feel like new classics, scents that have an element of something familiar, but are twisted in a way that elevates, and makes known notes feel surprising. Monochrome is the perfect example: It’s an eau de parfum with cool woods and herbs that gets slashed with a metallic thread.” - Jamie Rosen, Wellbeing Editor 

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